congratulation to me; officially an employee.

my first days experience as an employee.

It’s been a month since I finally hired at a mining company.

Finally. After a year searching, wandering, sharing my applications. I am fully grateful for this job.

It feels good to meet new people, have new circle, and being part of it (and my Department is sooo cool, everyone keep telling me that I’m the lucky one).

Here are some experience I learned at the first days of work.

1. I am me. I’m not good at interacting with new people. The best thing I can give is a friendly smile.

2. I recognize the faces that will be my co-workers and try to memorize their names.

3. I take note of the list of my duties and responsibility. If necessary, I ask what I need to know about the job description to my mentor or my superior. If my co-worker asks for my help, I’d be ready for a hand. And oh, usually a new employee will be dealing with HR (Human Resource) for personnel affairs and IT (Information Technology) for business computers and office account, so I follow them up

4. When my co-worker give some suggestions, I welcome their advice even when I feel like I know a better, faster, and properer way.

5. Take a note at the working hours in the office and obey it. Sometimes my co-workers work overtime, so I also take overtime and use the chance to bind with them. When they go home early and they ask you come with them, I say “yes“. The point is, I pay attention to their working culture.

6. Unless they ask me first, I don’t ask and add my new co-workers in the social media.I get to know them first until they’re looking comfortable to be around me, after that I can start a friendship in virtual world.

7. Last thing, I notice that I am afraid to follow up. One thing I did not know before; office culture is very different from the world of college. Following up someone is very reasonable. I have to remind myself that asking for progress is not necessarily considered as ‘terrorized. I learn the art of telling something politely, don’t let them feel they are ordered.

Back to work. I hope they help!


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