how intimidating break-outs are

tips : how to cope with break-outs.

After 2 weeks working at a mining company, break-outs began to appear all over my face. I am not sure why. Maybe I’m stress, maybe my skin cannot adapt with a new air, maybe this, maybe that…

I lost my confidence.

I want to get rid all of them at once as soon as possible.

How do I cope with a sudden break-out like this?

  • I Identify the actual the causes

From what I read, the causes of acne are vary to one another. It could be due to hormones, unhealthy food consumption, wrong beauty products, etc. And I want to KNOW it precisely. By recognizing the underlying cause, I can start fighting with the right weapons.

  • I trust my skin care routine

I once changed my skin care routine because I assume they are no longer work. I tried to clean my face more often. It was a fatal mistake because my face actually became drier, exceedingly itchy, triggered the red big pimples more and more. Hereafter, I went back to my usual skin care routine and stick with it.

  • I recognize the unnatural symptoms

I found that some products caused instant rash, itching, or unusual pain after using it. I toss them right away. They are not a sign that the product is working, but instead they’re sign that my skin rejects the chemical 😦

  • Detoxification

I drink a lot of water and free my skin from any make up. Imagine I went to work with breakouts everywhere 😦

  • I no longer used multiple brands all at once

To expect faster results, I used several products at once. Basically they have the same ways of work: dry up the pimples. When they stacked with some products, my skin became drier and trigger even more acne. I have to settle to use one package of the same brand, included toner, moisturizer, acne treatment gel, and powder.

  • I secure my skin

I avoid any direct touch to face. I have a lot of acne on the forehead, so I secure my bangs because hair carries away the bacteria with it.

  • Live a healthy life

This is the most common suggestions for all kind of health problems: eat nutritious foods and exercise regularly.

  • Be patient

I think this part is the hardest! A new product will work after being used for 2-6 weeks, depending on the skin. If my skin hasn’t negatively reacted, I can go on with it. I have already used the product for one month and the results are JUST beginning to appear.

This works for me.

After a month, I notice the break-outs had begun to diminish.:)

If you are facing the same problem, I hope it works for you too.


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