i will work harder so i can shop harder.

list : crossing off the wishes one by one.



I am surprised. My wish-list used to be eight, but now I crossed five of them. Well most of them are simpler and a lot cheaper than these three. 😅

And currently, I have to watch my spending spending carefully, because I am saving for my sister’s college fee.

They are just stuff, anyway.

I can live without it, anyway.

They cannot love me back, anyway.

Note to self : Keep your priority straight!

  • Hard Disk Drive

How to save many Korean Drama without a drive? Desperately, hastily, compellingly needed one!


I hate you, red….
  • Canvas Easel

So far I paint on the floor and it looks like my buttocks are going flatter. I want to paint on an easel just to get more comfortable, but haven’t been accomplished to buy it.


it is not me by the way. found the pict on trudimurray.com :p

  • Tennis Racket

I can’t play tennis, but I love watching tennis. I wish to play off course, after buying the racket. But it is not cheap though, I should saving my money for it.

Novak Djokovic and his Head 🙈


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