i find happiness in the simplest of things.

list : things that delights me

  • the smell of grass in the midst of raining.
  • applying a lip balm.
  • received funny messages or pictures from Boyfriend.
  • pinteresting.
  • milkita melon flavor.
  • having a hot water bath.
  • late night conversation.
  • stalking Dushka Zapata’s on Quora, or
  • simply reading a book.
  • singing in the car.
  • smelling the fuel oil at the gas station.
  • picking gift wraps, or
  • popping bubble wraps.
  • having a new calendar.
  • teasing my sisters.
  • trying out new productivity apps.
  • having ice cream in the midst of sun strike.
  • founding new beautiful vocabularies I’ve never heard before.
  • watching cute or inspiring or funny videos on facebook.
  • listening to Taylor Swift’s playing on the radio.
  • walking on the bridge.
  • having my picture taken.
  • being smiled at by a stranger while driving.
  • jogging at the dawn.
  • watching sunset with Boyfriend.
  • staring at the starry sky.
  • catching butterflies.
  • eating seedless fruits.
  • hitting the bed after a tiring day.
  • video-calling with favorite people.
  • posting a picture on instagram.
  • snacking Chacha.
  • having someone braided my hair.
  • playing with the seaside waves.
  • buying a new notebook, and
  • journaling.
  • seeing colorful flowers.
  • meeting cute puppies.
  • inhaling the morning coffee.
  • the sound of the rain.
  • watching a romance movie.
  • strawberry juice.
  • traveling to a new place.
  • stretching in the midst of work.

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