thank you for reminding me how butterflies feel like.

People pass around.

A police officer explain the route to a grandma with a young woman queuing behind her, confused. An old man walk on the sideways, hold his daughter tightly with his left hand. A lady, half run to catch her line.

Boyfriend still carries my hand, we quickly step to enter one of the train’s door.
Thank God, the line we are on is not too crowded. A little bit of airy, despite no seat looks available.

Releases my hands, he gives me a sign to find available seat at the female wagon. But I just too scared to break though the huddle, too afraid that I would lost.
Instead, I walk to a less crowded room, trying no to fall, or stumble by my off shoelaces, totally bet my body mass on the hand strap.

I relieve to know he follows me to the halfway of the wagon, to where I am standing.
Moments later, I find him lower his back ahead me, ties up my shoelaces.

Boyfriend is not that romantic type of guy, so it is kind of startled me.
He might did not know this, but I adore him in every simple unexpected way he does. Thank you.