i feel too deep, everything goes straight to my heart.

I’m driving through traffic. Someone cuts me off. I am furious, feel attacked. I chase this other car down. I quickly catch up to the offender and see through the window not a vicious monster but someone dancing to music, distracted, oblivious.
Maybe he was driving irresponsibly but he was most definitely not trying to cause me injury.

I arrive at my office. I walk in and say hello to the person sitting at the reception desk. She turns her head away and does not reply.
I spend the morning wondering why she might be angry at me.
Maybe she doesn’t like me.
I find out later she was wearing headphones and didn’t hear me.

I call a friend and leave yet another voice mail. I wonder why he hasn’t called me back. Clearly our relationship is not as important to him as it is to me. This fills me with sadness.
Suddenly I remember: he was going on a camping trip and has no cell phone access.

Taking things personally means interpreting that the actions of another are in relation to us when most of the time things that hurt us, insult us or worry us have nothing to do with us.

Not taking things personally means we make room for the possibility that not everything is about us.

This does not mean that things that aren’t personal don’t affect us, because they do. It means that we take the blow differently because our emotions are not all wrapped up in what happened.
This is important because by setting our ego aside we fight less, get angry less, feel offended less, suffer less.

What does it mean to ”take things personally”? answer by Dushka Zapata on Quora (click here)

It was raining last night. I begged Boyfriend to drive me home and left my motorbike. In as much as I like the rainy dreamy nighty atmosphere.

Boyfriend was working on a huge project; he will be instructor-ing in two days. In preparation, he was studying the materials, watching related videos, making presentation. Looked like the rain was not going to stop in any minutes, he agreed.

When the car was coming near my house, I told him to make a u-turn before I got off (my house located at a blind alley). It was not what he usually does, so we had small squabble. I get off. I closed the door. And I heard him, complaining.
From the window, I saw him pointing a tissue left behind on my seat.

I rolled my eyes and opened the door, took the tissue, hurriedly went inside. Though I love water, I do not like when it is mingling with coldness, touches my skin.

Cannot he trash it by himself?

It was just a crumpled tissue.

It was not a big deal.

He did not have to do that.

He likes to see me soaked.

It took me a few minutes to get over myself.
I realized that he was sensitive about my tissues problem since ages ago. That he was not meant to get me soaked in the not-so-heavy rain. That I was wrong.

I am working on it;

Not to being oversensitive.

Anything DOES NOT have to revolve around me.

Thank you, for pausing your work and taking me home safely.


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