collect moments, not things.

things to do before traveling.

I love traveling. It makes my world bigger.

Here are the preparations I made before traveling as a reminder for me for the next trip.

  • Decide the destination

If I am going with friends, I have probably deal the destination. But if I am alone and not sure yet where to go, I pick a city I want to go and check out the tourism map of the city. I also consider the airplane ticket prices and the cultural events that held on the time of my visit, or adjust them.

☑️   Destination
☑️   Time of traveling and how long


  • Secure the schedule

Talk to superior, ask his permission, prepare Annual Leave letters, and buy the ticket airplane. I make sure all the documents are both on hand digitally AND printed. I case of emergency, I copy my passport and save the copy on my luggage.

☑️   Permit Letters
☑️   Ticket Airplane
☑️   Passport & the copy

  • Research the destination

So far, I have never traveling with agency, so I have to arrange the itinerary by myself. I check the tourism map, print it, so I know where to on the first day, second day, etc. Decide the places of staying, whether it on a hostel, hotel, or apartment and booked it.

☑️   Itinerary
☑️   Accommodation

  • Research the local rules and other stuff I should know.

The research includes :
☑️   Local foods
☑️   Famous eatery
☑️   Local rules & manners
☑️   Basic phrases


  • Prepare necessary medication & body treatment

On my last trip, I planned to get influenza vaccination because it was rainy season and I did not want to get spoiled. But unfortunately the vaccine should be ordered months before so I cut it and instead, I bought an expensive Vitamin C supplement. It worked anyway, but I still prefer vaccine though. I also do waxing because i love to wear sleeveless and I trim my nails before I go.

☑️   Medication
☑️   Body Treatment

  • Packing

I pack my clothes 1.5x of the traveling days. I bring umbrella in case of raining and drink bottle so I can refill it on tapping water. I have not used for that though. Pack based on the destination or the season. If I will be going to beaches, pack beach outfits, do not pack winter clothes.

☑️   Carry-On & Essentials (phone, ID, chargers, wallet, camera, headphone)
☑️   Clothing & Shoes (blouse, dress, trousers, shorts, undies, jacket, cardigan,  socks, shoes, small bag, pajamas, swimsuit)
☑️   Accessories (hat, sunglasses, belt, jewelry)
☑️   Toiletries & Cosmetics
☑️   Miscellaneous (bottle, card cover, umbrella, snacks)

Packing List (6)

  • Prepare the cash

Whether I make exchange in the country or the destined country, I should have some cash in hand.

☑️   Cash


Arrive at Destination :

  • Purchase public transportation card. Public transports are a lot cheaper than taxi and also I can walk the city. I also bring the card cover so I can hang it on my neck.
  • Purchase local phone sim card. I need this because I use Google Maps a lot in unfamiliar places.
  • Always check belonging before leaving every place. I remember I left my jacket, I was so sad about it 😦




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