nothing brings people together happily like wedding.

I love weddings.

Except the long make-up session and the clothes picking, almost all weddings give me a memorable impression.

Last Saturday, Mbak Iche and I went to Mas Ali’s wedding.

It was a poolside party. I met a few old friends, which I have never seen them since months. It was good keeping up with Mas Dwi, Mas Dana, and Mas Darwin, but we did not share much because it was too crowded to have a proper conversation.

For once, I got the bright side of Indonesian (costly) wedding.
It is good for the invitee because the weds convene all of their (and the family) acquaintances to meet with each other, this event can be a reunion for the family or friends who live far-far-away.

Despite that,
for me attending weddings are pretty exhausting. Small-talks drained me. Bribe me with Kambing Guling, I promise I’ll stay longer.