simple decisions that change my life.

Have I already told you that I am a visual learner?

Colors make me alive. I love each of them. I painted my bedroom with brown and pink previously, after months I get bored and decided to repainted again.


When I pick colors, I don’t pick them randomly. It already based on weeks of researching, comparing, and considering. As for now, I picked Brilliant white.




To balance the light, I got rid of my non-LED and set the LED in my room. The LED one was producing less heat and cooling my (pretty hot!) room temperature and also consuming less power (only 7 w, compare to the previous one; 25 w).

There are 3 choices of light. Warm white (for a nice bedroom rest), Natural White (for any room -neutral), and Cool White (for a lighten office space). Intended to buy the Natural White, but there was no stock available. So I picked the Cool White, as my bedroom also worked as home office 🙂


Those 2 decisions I made change my life.

Even though I often find myself on the way home exhausted and sooo very sleepy after meeting up with friends, when I got home I can not sleep right away. I write. I read. I have time to explore myself even more. I became one of those night owls and sleep 4-5 hours a day.

To be more energetic, I hack my sleep. Knowing the sleep cycle repeats every 90 minutes, I have been waking up at those multiples. If I hit the bed at 00:00, estimate to start sleeping at 00:10, then I must set my alarm at 04:40 or 06:10. Works all the time. That is why I need longer rest at weekend.

But I wish I had 25 hours a day.



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