please don’t call me.

Back then, when I was 7 years old, we had phone cable facility from the company Dad was working. All charges to the the numbers in company’s phone-book were free.

And I became a phone freak.

I would called my friends daily, talked and laughed until my ears get red or Mom had me hung up the phone. Some of my friends survive 2 hours straight on the phone, while the others last no longer than a half hour.

Every time the phone rang, I would ran off to pick up first. Sometimes when I was in the middle of something and could not ran asap, I would yelled to tell everyone in the house that I would picked it up.

Those acts I found impulsive. As I grew older, I have got sicked of ringtone.

Not only the ringtone, but also the phone-call activity itself. I get anxious every time someone calls me. The list of people I’d pick their call up, can be counted on fingers. I feel guilty for the people who calls me, at the same time have instant relieve if they hang up and text me after that.

I am working on this.

This phone anxiety…. or could I just make sure people know me that I am an introvert, so they can learn how to treat me?


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