reasons why someone should not date me.

The question is actually asked by someone on Quora. I want to answer that here.

  1. I am too shy to start conversation.

    I was born introvert, I hate small-talk. It is just too confusing to say hi, ask something that nothing to do with me and probably just pass by my ears. I’d rather smile sincerely, raise my hand, and bye-byeing. I create awkward moments every time I meet someone I’d like to spend time with, I sounded happy to meet them, but in time I sounded happier to say goodbye to them.

  2. I made up words.

    Backing up my first reason, I find it hard to explain something. I would just made up words. Some people will get it, some people will ask to clarify what I mean, and some other people understand those words I said but still going to ask just to annoy me.

  3. I love random things.

    You will find me liking beach, museums, bridges, lip balms, white shoes, and calendars. Or you will interest me with Philosophy, Literature, Accounting, and Interior Design. I love exploring new things.

  4. I am impulsive.

    I would be totally uninterested in the topics, or immensely obsessed with it. When I am obsessed, I would do my best to get it done by myself.

  5. I live in the present.

    I seldom going out with my friends. But when I do, I will not checking my phone all the time. If you are texting with me at the time, you might feel like being ignored, sorry. I respect the people who are talking to me. I’d text when the topic is ended.

  6. I have a phone-call anxiety.

    Yep. I only have 5 names on the list that I will always pick the calls up. I am better at texting, so if it’s not that urgent, please, text only.

  7. I don’t have any mesmerizing talents.

    No talents at music. No talents at sports. Clearly I am just a very boring person. But if you invite me to go to gym, or swim, or karaoke, I’d be enthusiastically join the club.

  8. I messed up at times.

    Like reallyyy. If that time is coming, I might be carelessly, accidentally hurt you with my sudden motion. Or I might have short term memory loss and I’d forget everything you just said. And those time I just need to shut myself from people.

  9. I am a hopeless romantic.

    Romance-Drama and Comedy-Romance are my favorite. If you are not interested at all at the genres I mentioned before, I think you and I will not work out together.

  10. I am particularly peculiar.

    Someone transmits this habit to me. I don’t feel comfortable to borrow something from someone as much as I lend my belongings to someone. I love my space and I hope no one would tamper it.

A million thank you to Boyfriend, who dare to love me in spite of my ordinary, boring, but lovable human being.❤


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