a job for introvert.

Tell me, I’m the luckiest girl in the world.

I have a job, I am paid, not much but enough to live.

I have a lot of free time I used to chase my dream; be a writer.

I go to work, shuttled, a nice Toyota Innova 2017 to nap on the way to office or back home, driven by a gentle driver, Pak Irbar.

I have a huge desk, with three drawers I keep my precious stationery and snacks.

I have the best, greatest boss ever; Pak Eliatar Lumban Gaol to whom I learn about social skills, and Pak Andreas to whom I learn about career and development. They are my teachers, I am proud to be part of their team.

In this Coordination Department, every day I am forced to speak, which is something I hate to do. It’s challenging and sometimes exciting to be out of my comfort zone.

I’m the queen of organizing, I can find files in a few seconds.

I love Monday!


cheers for the newly mr & mrs Semente.

Being a bridesmaid is truly an honor.


October 7th.
I accompanied Kak Maria, as her bridesmaid along with Regina and Kak Elfin. The three of us were wearing long rose gold dress, dolled up, and had our hair done.



It was fun.

images (2)

I got to babysit the cutest (yet Noisy) Gavin, Hose, Bian, and Baby on Holy Matrimony.



The happy couple 💕


Kak Maria is the most beautiful bride today.


Also for me, I got to observe to the details and started concepting my own wedding (someday -no date yet if you ask!😉). Actually all I want is a simple wedding, only family and close friends would attend, but I’m not sure if that kind of wedding can happen in Indonesia.

There were things I learned, mistakes to avoid, and lists to prepare.

Wearing painful braces is indeed one of them.
Hello, wedding photographs! May all be worth it.


Happy wedding Kak Maria & Gilberto!



“Hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health, to love and to cherish, until we are parted by death.”

the new friendship.

When you are 24 years old, it’s hard to make friends.

Because once you know their weaknesses, you are no longer want to deal with them. You can’t take them for who they are.

Because you are too comfortable with your lifestyle, can’t adjust with theirs.

Because you think you are better than them, smarter than them, kinder than them.

Because you expect something in return. Someday I’m going to be needing his help, you think.

Because you subconsciously select your circle, a successful, smart, and elite circle.

Because once you label someone’s as toxic, you avoid that toxic to protect yourselves of being hurt.

Because you are too old to fake, meaningless friendship.

But also, probably just because you already have best friends since ages, they are the most lovable persons, they know you, the real you,  they don’t give a damn with your madness, they forgive you easily, they are imperfect but you get to used with it, they are the reason you laugh at our phone.

To someone like me, new friendship is just overrated. I like the old ones.

he is one level up.


Do you know that I love you?

I love you means I want the best for you.

Even when you like Uncle Scrooge and I like Minnie Mouse.

Even when you want to focus on something but I want to talk to you.

Even when you want the tasties and I want the healthies.

Even when you prefer mountains and I prefer beaches.

Even when you want to do something productive but I want more sleep.

Even when you feel hot and I feel cold.

Even when you want to watch Naruto and I want to watch something else.

Even when you and I get stressed out due to work.

Even when you and I pick the same case color of Chacha.

Even when you and I busy with our phone side by side.

Even when you and I fight.

Even when you and I don’t think we are at fault.

Even when our ‘best’ is two different definitions.

Even when it’s hard to love each other at times.

I just realized how strong our compromises are.

I am forever be grateful for having the best Boyfriend ever.

A wish to you this year :
I hope whatever you decide on everything in life, big or small, I hope they will lead you to a better path, better you.:)

Happy 26th Birthday, sayangku.
You are now one level up!

Selamat berbahagia dan sehat-sehat ya.
Tuhan berkati dan sertai selalu.

I love you.





I should have sent this right on 01:00 am (00:00 in his current time-zone), but I was overslept! My alarm wasn’t working. Guilty! So I form this when I woke up at 03:00, an hour later it’s done, sent it, wash my face and back to sleep.








every time I miss you.

I walk in a lounge full of people,

all eyes on me.

Some of them chat, some of them worry, some of them just stay silent.

Still haven’t seen my mom, I blankly sit on a couch, never liked the smell of the room.

A friend of mom, Tante Esther, hugged me and said,

“You should say something to your father.”

She added, “tell him, before it’s too late.”

It was too late.



I’ve had never been able to speak a word.

I’ve had never been able to say I love him, to let him know I need him to stay alive.

I don’t know which part of me should be burnt, the rebellious Tasya still believe he would survived.

But he did not.


The regret haunted me for years.

The scene of ICU, his comma, the tears, I have not quite moved on yet.

It still hurts every time it comes to my memory,

every time I miss him.

reasons why someone should not date me.

The question is actually asked by someone on Quora. I want to answer that here.

  1. I am too shy to start conversation.

    I was born introvert, I hate small-talk. It is just too confusing to say hi, ask something that nothing to do with me and probably just pass by my ears. I’d rather smile sincerely, raise my hand, and bye-byeing. I create awkward moments every time I meet someone I’d like to spend time with, I sounded happy to meet them, but in time I sounded happier to say goodbye to them.

  2. I made up words.

    Backing up my first reason, I find it hard to explain something. I would just made up words. Some people will get it, some people will ask to clarify what I mean, and some other people understand those words I said but still going to ask just to annoy me.

  3. I love random things.

    You will find me liking beach, museums, bridges, lip balms, white shoes, and calendars. Or you will interest me with Philosophy, Literature, Accounting, and Interior Design. I love exploring new things.

  4. I am impulsive.

    I would be totally uninterested in the topics, or immensely obsessed with it. When I am obsessed, I would do my best to get it done by myself.

  5. I live in the present.

    I seldom going out with my friends. But when I do, I will not checking my phone all the time. If you are texting with me at the time, you might feel like being ignored, sorry. I respect the people who are talking to me. I’d text when the topic is ended.

  6. I have a phone-call anxiety.

    Yep. I only have 5 names on the list that I will always pick the calls up. I am better at texting, so if it’s not that urgent, please, text only.

  7. I don’t have any mesmerizing talents.

    No talents at music. No talents at sports. Clearly I am just a very boring person. But if you invite me to go to gym, or swim, or karaoke, I’d be enthusiastically join the club.

  8. I messed up at times.

    Like reallyyy. If that time is coming, I might be carelessly, accidentally hurt you with my sudden motion. Or I might have short term memory loss and I’d forget everything you just said. And those time I just need to shut myself from people.

  9. I am a hopeless romantic.

    Romance-Drama and Comedy-Romance are my favorite. If you are not interested at all at the genres I mentioned before, I think you and I will not work out together.

  10. I am particularly peculiar.

    Someone transmits this habit to me. I don’t feel comfortable to borrow something from someone as much as I lend my belongings to someone. I love my space and I hope no one would tamper it.

A million thank you to Boyfriend, who dare to love me in spite of my ordinary, boring, but lovable human being.❤