cheers for the newly mr & mrs Semente.

Being a bridesmaid is truly an honor.


October 7th.
I accompanied Kak Maria, as her bridesmaid along with Regina and Kak Elfin. The three of us were wearing long rose gold dress, dolled up, and had our hair done.



It was fun.

images (2)

I got to babysit the cutest (yet Noisy) Gavin, Hose, Bian, and Baby on Holy Matrimony.



The happy couple 💕


Kak Maria is the most beautiful bride today.


Also for me, I got to observe to the details and started concepting my own wedding (someday -no date yet if you ask!😉). Actually all I want is a simple wedding, only family and close friends would attend, but I’m not sure if that kind of wedding can happen in Indonesia.

There were things I learned, mistakes to avoid, and lists to prepare.

Wearing painful braces is indeed one of them.
Hello, wedding photographs! May all be worth it.


Happy wedding Kak Maria & Gilberto!



“Hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health, to love and to cherish, until we are parted by death.”


every time I miss you.

I walk in a lounge full of people,

all eyes on me.

Some of them chat, some of them worry, some of them just stay silent.

Still haven’t seen my mom, I blankly sit on a couch, never liked the smell of the room.

A friend of mom, Tante Esther, hugged me and said,

“You should say something to your father.”

She added, “tell him, before it’s too late.”

It was too late.



I’ve had never been able to speak a word.

I’ve had never been able to say I love him, to let him know I need him to stay alive.

I don’t know which part of me should be burnt, the rebellious Tasya still believe he would survived.

But he did not.


The regret haunted me for years.

The scene of ICU, his comma, the tears, I have not quite moved on yet.

It still hurts every time it comes to my memory,

every time I miss him.

please don’t call me.

Back then, when I was 7 years old, we had phone cable facility from the company Dad was working. All charges to the the numbers in company’s phone-book were free.

And I became a phone freak.

I would called my friends daily, talked and laughed until my ears get red or Mom had me hung up the phone. Some of my friends survive 2 hours straight on the phone, while the others last no longer than a half hour.

Every time the phone rang, I would ran off to pick up first. Sometimes when I was in the middle of something and could not ran asap, I would yelled to tell everyone in the house that I would picked it up.

Those acts I found impulsive. As I grew older, I have got sicked of ringtone.

Not only the ringtone, but also the phone-call activity itself. I get anxious every time someone calls me. The list of people I’d pick their call up, can be counted on fingers. I feel guilty for the people who calls me, at the same time have instant relieve if they hang up and text me after that.

I am working on this.

This phone anxiety…. or could I just make sure people know me that I am an introvert, so they can learn how to treat me?

simple decisions that change my life.

Have I already told you that I am a visual learner?

Colors make me alive. I love each of them. I painted my bedroom with brown and pink previously, after months I get bored and decided to repainted again.


When I pick colors, I don’t pick them randomly. It already based on weeks of researching, comparing, and considering. As for now, I picked Brilliant white.




To balance the light, I got rid of my non-LED and set the LED in my room. The LED one was producing less heat and cooling my (pretty hot!) room temperature and also consuming less power (only 7 w, compare to the previous one; 25 w).

There are 3 choices of light. Warm white (for a nice bedroom rest), Natural White (for any room -neutral), and Cool White (for a lighten office space). Intended to buy the Natural White, but there was no stock available. So I picked the Cool White, as my bedroom also worked as home office 🙂


Those 2 decisions I made change my life.

Even though I often find myself on the way home exhausted and sooo very sleepy after meeting up with friends, when I got home I can not sleep right away. I write. I read. I have time to explore myself even more. I became one of those night owls and sleep 4-5 hours a day.

To be more energetic, I hack my sleep. Knowing the sleep cycle repeats every 90 minutes, I have been waking up at those multiples. If I hit the bed at 00:00, estimate to start sleeping at 00:10, then I must set my alarm at 04:40 or 06:10. Works all the time. That is why I need longer rest at weekend.

But I wish I had 25 hours a day.


nothing brings people together happily like wedding.

I love weddings.

Except the long make-up session and the clothes picking, almost all weddings give me a memorable impression.

Last Saturday, Mbak Iche and I went to Mas Ali’s wedding.

It was a poolside party. I met a few old friends, which I have never seen them since months. It was good keeping up with Mas Dwi, Mas Dana, and Mas Darwin, but we did not share much because it was too crowded to have a proper conversation.

For once, I got the bright side of Indonesian (costly) wedding.
It is good for the invitee because the weds convene all of their (and the family) acquaintances to meet with each other, this event can be a reunion for the family or friends who live far-far-away.

Despite that,
for me attending weddings are pretty exhausting. Small-talks drained me. Bribe me with Kambing Guling, I promise I’ll stay longer.

what currently drives me nuts.

and how I get rid of it.

Ever since I found Quora, Facebook was no longer interest me as it used to.

The upcoming DKI Jakarta governor’s election is totally ripped us (Indonesian) apart.


I was distraught on the thoughts of how to save humanity…

Well, I do not have to save humanity. I just have to save myself, the one I am fully in control with. I will not let those toxic people contaminated me.

I spent hours unfollowing almost all of my friends, until 9-10 left, only the ones who share funny or inspiring videos. I shut myself from social media news. Now my only source news are television and Boyfriend, at times when he brings the topics up.

As a phlegmatic, I am absolutely satisfied with my current Facebook feeds.

i find happiness in the simplest of things.

list : things that delights me

  • the smell of grass in the midst of raining.
  • applying a lip balm.
  • received funny messages or pictures from Boyfriend.
  • pinteresting.
  • milkita melon flavor.
  • having a hot water bath.
  • late night conversation.
  • stalking Dushka Zapata’s on Quora, or
  • simply reading a book.
  • singing in the car.
  • smelling the fuel oil at the gas station.
  • picking gift wraps, or
  • popping bubble wraps.
  • having a new calendar.
  • teasing my sisters.
  • trying out new productivity apps.
  • having ice cream in the midst of sun strike.
  • founding new beautiful vocabularies I’ve never heard before.
  • watching cute or inspiring or funny videos on facebook.
  • listening to Taylor Swift’s playing on the radio.
  • walking on the bridge.
  • having my picture taken.
  • being smiled at by a stranger while driving.
  • jogging at the dawn.
  • watching sunset with Boyfriend.
  • staring at the starry sky.
  • catching butterflies.
  • eating seedless fruits.
  • hitting the bed after a tiring day.
  • video-calling with favorite people.
  • posting a picture on instagram.
  • snacking Chacha.
  • having someone braided my hair.
  • playing with the seaside waves.
  • buying a new notebook, and
  • journaling.
  • seeing colorful flowers.
  • meeting cute puppies.
  • inhaling the morning coffee.
  • the sound of the rain.
  • watching a romance movie.
  • strawberry juice.
  • traveling to a new place.
  • stretching in the midst of work.